Research Engineer/Scientist


Research Engineer/Scientist

Education Minimum Requirements

Bachelor’s degree in Science or Engineering required, Master’s or PhD will also be considered.


1 - 5 years of engineering experience is preferred. Must have participated in a technical team to solve a challenging problem. Must have strong teamwork skills. Must have deep understanding of Lean principles and be committed to continuous improvement of technical skills, interpersonal skills, and work methods.

Position Summary

The Research Engineer/Scientist creates usable knowledge and solves meaningful, challenging problems related to high temperature – high pressure (HTHP) synthesized superhard materials, particularly polycrystalline diamond cutters (PDC), and related processing methods of these materials.


  • Create useable knowledge through rapid learning cycles
    • Use statistical methods to design experiments and analyze results
    • Clearly document all experimental details and results
    • Capture and share useable knowledge in trade-off curves, design guides, and electronic databases
    • Present new learning to internal and external customers
    • Work closely with production personnel and technicians to build and test prototype parts
  • Participate in teams of responsible experts to solve meaningful, challenging problems (HVE teams, kaizen teams, PDCA teams, etc.)
    • Develop technologies for use in process improvements, test development, and product failure analysis
    • Continually learn from and show respect for others
    • Prepare and report-out on technical data related to projects
    • Work closely with customers, peers, R&D scientists and engineers, and production personnel to develop and execute experiments
    • Develop deep technical expertise in functional area
  • Continuously improve R&D and US Synthetic work systems
    • Participate in kaizen events
    • Contribute individual daily kaizens and safety kaizens
  • Use statistical methods to design experiments and analyze results
  • Develop theories for understanding, characterizing, and organizing experimental results into systematic and meaningful patterns
  • Evaluate material performance with laboratory testing (abrasion, impact, thermal stability, etc.), microstructural characterization (SEM, EDS, XRD, ICP, etc.), and non-destructive methods
  • Document experimental methods and results
  • Capture and share useable knowledge in trade-off curves
  • Present new learning to R&D group and customers
  • Work with cross functional team to transfer concepts to a production environment
  • Engage in continuous improvement of research and development systems
  • Attend conferences and publish papers in peer-reviewed journals


Prefered Knowledge, Skills and Attributes

  • Ability to work with a cross functional team
  • Ability to read, analyze, and interpret complex engineering related documents
  • Ability to comprehend and apply principles of algebra, calculus and statistics
  • Knowledge of problem-solving methodologies (scientific method, PDCA) and ability to think logically
  • Experience with research experimentation
  • Knowledge of statistical methods (six sigma, Design of Experiments, etc.)
  • Knowledge of high temperature – high pressure (HTHP) diamond synthesis and/or diamond sintering
  • Knowledge of cemented tungsten carbide applications in HTHP tooling and polycrystalline diamond products
  • Ability to use a programming language (MatLab, Python, JSL, etc.)
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office suite
  • Proficient with statistical software (JMP or equivalent)
  • Experience with 3D modeling software and finite-element analysis (Creo Parametric, ANSYS, or equivalent)
  • Experience testing and evaluating material properties and microstructure (SEM, EDS, XRD, ICP, etc.).
  • Ability to create and give effective presentations to both small and large groups of people
  • Passion for problem solving
  • Proven ability to generate new ideas
  • Knowledge of lean manufacturing principles
  • Ability to resolve concerns quickly and effectively
  • Self-driven to learn and improve
  • Team player
  • Hands-on
  • Humble

Tools and Equipment

  • Computer
  • Phone
  • Scanner
  • Printer

Safety Equipment

  • Appropriate Laboratory PPE
  • Appropriate Production floor PPE

Physical Demands

  • Sit for at least 8 hours
  • Some standing and walking
  • Reaching
  • Full range of motion with hands and fingers

Expectations for all employees

All employees will support the organization’s mission and vision by exhibiting the following behaviors:

  • Trust: Demonstrate belief in others
  • Fun: Enjoy life
  • Respect: Genuinely value everyone
  • Openness: Provide access to people and information
  • Growth: Improve continuously
  • Service: Give of yourself
  • Follow all company policies (Attendance, No Tobacco Products on Campus, Illegal Drug & Alcohol, Family Medical Leave Act, Personal Appearance, Personal Electronic Devices, Vacation & Personal Time, etc.)

if you are interested in this position, please email your resume to:

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