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Engineering Boot Camp

Early each summer 10-12 aspiring engineering high school students will be chosen to participate in our fun and intense engineering boot camp. Students will spend two weeks, four hours a day going through rotations to learn cutting-edge problem-solving skills.Engineering Good

Rotations will include:

  • Lean Manufacturing 101
  • Six Sigma
  • Problem Solving Methodology
  • CAD Basics
  • High Performance Team Development

Fun activities and simulations will keep the students engaged and give them training that will provide skills that can help them succeed whatever path they choose.

Students have to apply through their schools to enter this prestigious "boot camp" that will give them an edge in the industry they choose. Teams will have a project to complete that may include mechanical, electrical and programming skills.

Click here for more info on this year's upcoming Boot Camp.

  1. Identify interested seniors
    that would like to apply.
  2. Contact Troy Holmberg
    to get applictions
    for each student.
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