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US Synthetic is known as a world-class lean manufacturing and engineering company, being awarded the prestigious Shingo Prize for manufacturing in 2011. But to our employees, US Synthetic is much, much responsibility We were also recognized as one of Utah’s Best Places to Work receiving the Utah Work/Life Award. US Synthetic is an amazing place because of its culture and people.

US Synthetic exists to improve lives—not only for our employees, customers and stakeholders, but in our community. US Synthetic’s legacy of giving back and improving lives as a responsible global citizen began with our founder, Louis Pope. Today we carry on that legacy through our “Engineering Good” Program.

What is US Synthetic "Engineering Good"?

“Engineering Good” is our innovative and generous corporate giving and community service program. We strongly believe in service, both in the local community and globally as a way to provide loyalty, purpose and unity to our employees. Our “Engineering Good” initiatives create opportunities for our employees to serve, grow and give back in fun and engaging ways that improve lives around the world. We donate thousands of service hours yearly and tens of thousands of dollars to local community and international humanitarian organizations.

corporate responsibility

Our Purpose:

  • Improve lives for US Synthetic Employees
  • Improve lives in both the local and global communities
  • Promote science, technology, engineering and math in our local schools and communities

Engineering Good Initiatives

corporate responsibility
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"Voted best place to work in Utah"

Utah work life award 2007