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Today, US Synthetic leads the industry in the development and production of innovative, top-quality PDC inserts that meet the highest standards and match the requirements of the most demanding engineering projects.
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US Synthetic offers an absolute commitment to quality and innovation—combined with a personal "do whatever it takes" approach to customer service—that sets us apart from the competition and makes us your best choice for all kinds of diamond solutions.

Driven by Innovation

A dedicated group of experienced scientists, engineers, and technicians drives US Synthetic's efforts to perfect and enhance our existing diamond solutions—and develop innovative new technology and designs for the future.

Three accomplished scientists with more than 50 years of combined diamond research experience lead the US Synthetic research and development efforts. A separate team of application engineers works directly with customers to develop custom diamond solutions that make the best possible use of the latest technology. These engineers have years of experience with PDC design and working with bit companies. A staff of experienced technicians constantly evaluates and tests new products in the laboratory, so the product is tested and ready for application in the field.

All of these experienced professionals work in state-of-the-art research and testing facilities. This includes a full metallurgical lab, an advanced computer-aided design center, and a sophisticated testing lab.

Dedicated to Service

US Synthetic takes customer service personally. We have never been–and will never become–an off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all company. Our business revolves around close, personalized relationships with every customer, and we tailor every PDC solution to your unique needs. In fact, more than 95% of US Synthetic PDC solutions are designed to meet unique requirements–and built to perform a specific job flawlessly.

This commitment to superior personalized service extends from our management team, through our engineering staff, and down to our front-line customer service representatives. Every time you call to order any of our diamond solutions or discuss a project, you'll speak with knowledgeable, friendly, and well-informed people who are willing to take extraordinary steps to meet your needs. This includes an absolute commitment to on-time delivery every time you place an order.

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What Others Say

Don't take it from us, read testimonials that our clients have given.
Waukesha Bearings, a global leader in engineered hydrodynamic bearings, has teamed up with US Synthetic Bearings, the leader in diamond solutions, to offer breakthrough performance in diamond tilting pad bearing technology.
“In our initial testing, we threw sand and gravel into the PCD bearing to see how it would perform. It seemed to like it—just ground up the particles with no problem. In some ways, it actually worked better.”
— Clayton Bear, President, New Energy Corp.

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Technical Papers

Read our detailed technical papers, on how we are researching, innovating and leading diamond technology.
Seven Steps to Reducing Failure and Cycle Time

Seven Steps to Reducing Failure and Cycle Time

US Synthetic manufactures high quality polycrystalline diamond compacts (PDCs) used in drilling for oil and natural gas. PDCs are manufactured with a sintering process that fuses premium saw-grade industrial diamond crystals under a heat of approximately 3,000 degrees Farenheit and a pressure of about 1 million psi without actually melting them.
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Diamond Surface and Intrinsic Contaminants on Sintering of Polycrystalline Diamond Compacts

Diamond Surface and Intrinsic Contaminants on Sintering of Polycrystalline Diamond Compacts

High pressure/high temperature sintering of polycrystalline diamond compacts (PDC) is sensitive to impurities in the diamond feedstock, both surface and intrinsic. Diamond powders subjected to the ultra-high pressure sintering environment break down and fracture, exposing new surface area. Thus intrinsic contaminants are exposed as surface contaminants to the sintering environment as a function of pressure.
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Effects of Design and Processing Parameters on Performance of PDC Drag Cutters for Hard-Rock

Effects of Design and Processing Parameters on Performance of PDC Drag Cutters for Hard-Rock

Sandia National Laboratories and U S Synthetic Corporation have jointly conducted a multifaceted, baseline experimental study to support the development of improved drag cutters for advanced drill bits. This study, which involved the production and laboratory testing of different nonstandard cutter lots, evaluated the influence of variations in selected design and processing parameters on cutter loads, wear, and durability in hard-rock environments.
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